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If you love to fish you owe it to yourself to try your hand at fishing from a kayak. It can be one of the more challenging ways to fish that you have ever experienced. Key West is famous for it’s fishing off shore and inshore as well. While a kayak is impractical for deep sea fishing, it is ideal for fishing the flats and skinny water.

Bonefish,Tarpon, Permit, Snook, Sharks, Snappers and more all inhabit the flats. What better way to get a shot at catching them than on a kayak. You can go into the shallows where even some of the flats boats can’t reach. With no motor to make any noise it’s easy to get real close and do some serious sight fishing. It ain’t easy. It requires some skill, but if you do hook up to something you can wind up kayak surfing, as we call it here in Key West.

Tour Details: We meet at Cow Key Marina. If you dont have gear you can rent or purchase anything you need….. then a quick saftey speech and we are off to hit some of my hot fishing spots. In the calm protected waters around the mangroves.

What’s Included: This tour includes the kayak, and for each paddler: paddle, personal floatation device, and whistle, seat w/back. You are welcome to bring your own tackle with you but keep it simple and minimal. Kayaks don’t have that much room.

What You Need: Clothes that you don’t mind getting wet in. (Recommended: lightweight, light colored clothing). A wide brim hat, polarized sunglasses, bug spray, and waterproof or water resistant camera. Note: If you bring any electronics like a smartphone that are not waterproof please keep them in a waterproof bag. Also, bring what ever you would like to drink, water, sports drink, and some snack like an energy bar.

Note: You will need a Florida Salt Water Fishing License to go fishing on a kayak. Licenses are sold at most bait and tackle shops. Be sure to ask for a stamp for a specific species like snook if you are targeting them. For more information on Florida fishing licenses and regulations go to MyFWC. Kayak Kings of Key West obeys all applicable rules and regulations regarding fishing in the Florida Keys. Here is a list of local places in Key West where you can obtain a fishing license:

Guide Kayak Fishing Tour Pricing:

$200 for a single person

$150 for 2 or more people and up to 6 people

Kayak Fishing rentals: $50
Morning trips leave between 9:00 and 10:00am, mid day between noon and 1:00pm, afternoon between 3:00 and 4:00pm.
Times: CALL 305 896 9006 and we will go……

If you like to fish, you will have to try kayak fishing. It is truly a unique experience.

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