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IMG_0672Got something special you would like to do on the water?  Do you have a small group that you want to go by yourselves?   All you gotta do is ask.  Off The Beaten Path Key West can tailor a custom tour to suit your needs.  Our 24 foot skiff may be small compared to the big tour boats but we don’t pack them in like sardines either.  What do you have in mind?  Kayaking? Fishing? Snorkeling? Hanging out on a secluded beach?  We can do it.  Just let us know what you want to do and let’s put it together.

Our skiff can hold 6 kayaks with gear, snorkel gear, fishing stuff, and plenty of food and drinks, and still have room for people.  The quiet 90 hp engine can get us to the back country or around the island quickly.  There is shade to get out of the sun and your trip will include a captain and guide.  Family outings, team building exercises, gay and naturalist lifestyles.  We can cater to any of them.

Custom tours prices begin at $600 for the boat which includes:  kayaks and gear, snorkeling gear, and food and drink.  Extras are on a per tour basis.  Recommended for groups of 4 to 6 people.  Let us know what you want and we will put together a package for you.  To begin your custom tour, contact us either by phone or email or fill out the form below and let Off The Beaten Path Key West create a memorable experience for you on the water.


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